Sunday, 5 October 2014

New P600fw alpha (october 5)

Notable changes:
- Adding center dead band for panel zero centered pots (value display accounts for it).
- Adding center dead band and guard bands for pitch wheel, to allow exact bending intervals.
- Adding transpose feature for internal keyboard and arpeggiator (using FROM TAPE + a key relative to C2).
- Sustain by footswitch now transmitted on MIDI out.
- When speed is set fullly counterclockwise, the arp now stops.
- Fixed "reset to basic patch" feature, now on FROM TAPE + 0.

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  1. I am still having some tuning issues (not present in 2.0 Beta), but only after the synth has been on for at least an hour. So, today -

    Oct 5th Alpha -
    When 'cold' synth works fine
    After 1 hour...
    Tuning starts to suffer, and gets progressively worse across all notes.
    Osc A and B have different tuning variations per note.

    Load v2 Beta-
    Tuning noticeably better even before pressing tune.
    Press tune - all ok.

    Reload Oct 5th Alpha -
    Tuning immediately problematic again.
    Holding note and pressing keypad to select parameters introduces intermittent pitch variation whilst screen display scrolls.
    There also appears to be some subtle distortion/random modulation audible on some notes.

    Reload v2 Beta
    Again - tuning perfect.
    No pitch variation during keypad selection.
    Distortion/modulation no longer audible.

    I hope this helps!

    1. Well, oct 5 introduced an issue with DAC addressing that could very well cause some of the symptoms you have.
      Oct 7 alpha should fix them, let me know if it works better!

  2. So far - P600 on all day (with Oct 7 alpha)....and working in tune and with no (unintended) distortion etc.