Sunday, 12 October 2014

New P600fw alpha (october 12)

Notable changes:
- Adding 2 track Roland JX3P style step sequencer.

Step sequencer usage:
- Press SEQx to activate the sequencer, it will wait for you to play a note to start playing.
- Press SEQx again to force start.
- Press RECORD while the sequencer is active to edit the sequence:
  - Highest C: add rest.
  - Highest B: add tie.
  - Highest Bb: undo last add.
  - Any other note: add to sequence.
  (the display shows the current step)

Feel free to comment, suggest improvements, ... :)

Download links:


  1. How can I burn this firmware for my Pro 600? I'd love to try it out!

    1. Look for the manual at it contains an installation guide.

  2. Hello Gligli!
    Great version! I am glad to see the return of the sequencer. By the way, how is it possible to delete a sequence?
    A great functionality would be to have the possibility to add an Accent (and why not, a half velocity-note) to make some TB-like lines.
    And also: Vive la France! (Je suis fran├žais en fait:-)

  3. Hi Gligli!
    First of all, great job on the new OS. I've enjoyed it a lot allready.
    If you're still looking for some challenges or improvements, i might have some suggestions.
    Would it be possible to create a 'pick-up' behaviour fot the pots? So the value of the parameters don't change unless the pot passes this value.
    And would it also be possible to turn the P600 into a 6 timbral monophonic synth, with each voice on a different midi channel?
    Anyway, greets!

    1. Hi,
      Yeah this behaviour could be done for pots, but I'm not a huge fan of it I have to admit.
      The P600 hardware isn't multitimbral, most CVs are shared across voices, only pitch, filter and amplifier are per-voice unfortunately...

    2. i'm not a huge fan of it either. But in a live situation, it's useful when you don't want sudden soundjumps.
      Too bad for the multitimbral issue...i guess you can't push things too much.

  4. Aaah ! A Six-Trak inside a P600. That sounds great !

  5. Howdy Gligli,
    Thank you so much for all the hard work you have put into this project! Both my girlfriend and I have Prophet 600's with the Gligli upgrade and where wondering if would be possible to add sustain pedal functionality to the arpegiator so that you can hold a chord shape temporarily while transitioning to the next chord without latching the arpegiator. Or alternatively could you program another latch option that erases the last chord after you change chords so it's not bouncing back and forth. Our main goal is to be able to change arpegiated chords smoothly without creating chains of chord progressions. We would also love to have the ability to latch the arpegiator and play melodies over the top just as the original arpegiator latch functioned. Otherwise we really really love the new operating system! d:) It's has opened up so many timbral possibilities in a piece of hardware that wasn't living up to it's true potential in the first place. Great work! I'm excited to try out the step sequencer next time I upgrade and my girlfriend believes adding a real time sequencer would be very useful as well!
    Take Care,
    Cole and Kassi

  6. This is Amazing!!! Just installed it and its like I've got a new synth now! Great work!!!
    I'm having some problems with my Filters tho. Filters 2 and 3 take a while to tune and they don't seem to work right. I had the same issue with the stable version as well. Any ideas?

  7. Since yesterday I am also a proud owner of a p600 with gligli extension. Of course I checked out the newest beta. One issue (or challenge) popped up when syncing the sequencer from midi. The resolution of the sequencer shoud be switchable or at least be 1/16 like in the poly800.
    Thank you


  8. Ok got it, was the same as arpeggio divider , and occasionally resolved in 1/8