Sunday, 22 February 2015

New P600fw alpha (febuary 22)

Notable changes:
- Fix for some occasional MIDI overruns that could cause hanging notes.
- Fix for wrong OscA pitch when when polymod routes OscB to FreqA.
- Adding an option to limit VCF cutoff frequency to 22Khz, enabled by pressing FROM TAPE + 9 (now shared with the "spread" option). Basically, it helps avoid some sound harshness due to strange filter behavior in the ultrasound range (see this post for more info).

Download links:

Sunday, 8 February 2015

New P600fw alpha (febuary 8)

I think I'm getting close to a 2.1 release, if any tester has issues with its P600 with the latest alphas, it would be a good time to report them, thanks!

Notable changes:
- Adding a workaround for the abrupt way the VCA envelope release stage ends, please report if you get any strange behavior with this fix.
- Arpeggiator hold fixes.
- Arpeggiator and sequencer now restart on first note when receiving a MIDI start message.
- A sequence can now be cleared by pressing 0 while recording it.
- Working unison track through MIDI.
- Misc. optimisations.

Download links: