Sunday, 25 May 2014

P600fw 2.00 first release candidate

I made only one small change to the firmware since yesterday's alpha but this is the first release candidate for 2.00. That means if no major bug is reported in that release, 2.00 is out.

I finally took the time to update the manual myself, so it's also included for review.

Please report any problem you could find.

Download links at:

Edit: 2.00 stable is out! Check out 

Saturday, 24 May 2014

New P600fw alpha (may 24)

Notable changes:

- Fix modulation delay not modulating release stage.
- Fix no modulation delay still has a small delay.
- Fix last parameter not being stored in manual mode when switching to preset mode.
- CV update optimisations allowed me to add one more wait state, may fix some problems on lazy P600s.

Download links at:

By the way, the only major thing preventing me from releasing a stable 2.0 version is the manual, as it needs to be updated to reflect changes in features / user interface.
So, if anybody is willing to spend some time to update the english master version, please contact me.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

New DIY project: standalone Juno-60 chorus clone

I sold my JX-3P a while ago, but I found out I missed its chorus.
So I decided to clone it, and since the Juno-60 one is often described as better, this is the one I chose as a basis.

All components are still available, except maybe the BBDs, but you can source them from chinese ebay sellers, and they seem to be genuine.
All I did was to change input & output stages, and use a LFO design inspired from the BOSS CE-2, the remaining parts stayed mostly the same.

Enough said, here's the finished PCB:

And here's how it sounds (base sound from my Prophet 600):

Some more files: (pics, schematics, FLAC demo)
And, since it's a free/open source project, the project page:

The debug phase went mostly well, but I still have to update the PCB from the fixes I made on the schematics, so better wait a little if you want to build one!

PCB update done, should be ok to build!

I compared it with a Juno-60 recording and found out the chorus was a bit weak on mine. Turns out I copied a resistor value wrong in the BBDs output stages.
I fixed it and now it sounds really close to the original!

Some more changes to input and output levels.
Here's a second demo on polyphonic & arpeggio sounds: