Sunday, 20 April 2014

New P600fw alpha (april 20)

Notable changes:

- More tuner tweaks, filter tuning got much better on my P600 (to the point of having almost perfect filter unison).
- Modulation delay improvements: after the modutation delay, modulation increases exponentially over a period of time equal to the modulation delay.
- Added "whole tone" bender range (parameter value is "2nd").
- Assigner legato fixes.

Download links at:

Monday, 7 April 2014

P600fw MIDI CC map as of today

Here it is:

As usual, continuous parameters have both a coarse and a fine CC, to get full 14bit precision.

"Stepped" parameters work by dividing the 0-127 range is as many zones as there is choices for the parameter.
Eg: "Unison" is off for 0-63 and on for 64-127.