Monday, 7 April 2014

P600fw MIDI CC map as of today

Here it is:

As usual, continuous parameters have both a coarse and a fine CC, to get full 14bit precision.

"Stepped" parameters work by dividing the 0-127 range is as many zones as there is choices for the parameter.
Eg: "Unison" is off for 0-63 and on for 64-127.


  1. Hello, I am Hector Grisi , I've already commented on the recent version 3.1.2014 regarding a problem tuning of the oscillator A jumping randomly , and I followed your indication to the scaling procedure of the voices, was performed manually with your firmware and with the help of an external tuner was pretty easy to identify both the 6 voices and tune it , but then I realized that the pitch was clear to the A3 note at the center of the keyboard, but moving through the octaves (note: the problem only affects the oscillator B) (firmware version 3.17.2014 ) . I'll show you a typical trend of note A through 5 octaves : A1+33 cents, A2+06 cents, A3-23 cents, A4-51 cents, A5-80 cents. Obviously, in these conditions it is impossible to play , I contacted a service center in Italy that deals mainly with analog synths and they explained to me , that if this is a bug in the oscillator B only, excluded malfunctions to the (DAC module, sample & hold), (excuse my inaccuracy but I'm not an expert on the subject) , and assume it is still some uncertainty in the linearity of the tuner in the new firmware.Have you any idea about it? I'm sorry for not being able to use my Prophet 600 with your firmware because it sounds better than a Prophet 5 , and anyway I thank you for your work and for your availability.
    Thanks again
    Hector Grisi from Italy

    1. Hello, I recently made this build for another user with the same kind of problem, it did seem to improve things:

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  4. Hello, I installed version 3.14.2014 but the tuner problem remain