Monday, 17 March 2014

New P600fw alpha (march 17)

This one brings some nice improvements and a few bugfixes:

- When an extended parameter is selected, its current value is displayed.
- Modulation delay (eg. on vibrato) now has a progressive start (about half a second until full level is reached, seems nice and musical to me, but I'm open to suggestions).
- Many fixes to unison mode, should be much more stable now.
- Slowed down text scrolling a little, to help readability.
- Misc. other bugfixes.

Download links at:


  1. Hello, I am Hector Grisi, I've already commented on the recent version 3.1.2014 regarding a problem tuning of the oscillator A jumping randomly, and I followed your indication to the procedure of scaling the voices with the Z80, but when I reassembled the Z80 processor the prophet 600 does not give any sign of life, the panel does not turn on no led and at the audio output is heard only one fixed sound consists of many frequencies, know how to give me a help? (Note: reassembling your firmware 17-03-2014 (synth works!)
    Thanks again
    Hector Grisi from Italy

  2. Hello , i'm Hector Grisi i want add a question at my last comment:it's possible to make scaling procedure with your firmware without Z80?

  3. Hello, so the version 17-03-2014 works for you?
    I changed some things in the tuner since your first comment, so maybe the tuning problem you had is now fixed.
    Nope, you can only do the scaling procedure with the Z80 for now (but maybe you don't need it anymore if tuning is fixed :)