Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Overcycler2 demo track

All sounds were made with Overcycler2, my DIY 6 voice hybrid analog synthesizer, drums included.
Effects: reverb, equalizer, limiter.

By the way, I made several changes since the patches demo:
  • Oscillators sound improvements: 96KHz sampling, better interpolation (hermite) for improved treble response, major reduction of sound crackling (it can be heard in the last patch of previous demo).
  • Added the polyphonic 2 track step sequencer from P600fw. 20*2 sequences can be stored for now.
  • Added sequencer/arpeggiator and keyboard transpose.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Overcycler2 patches demo

Here's a demo of a few patches on Overcycler2, showing some of its sound palette.
They tend to have lots of overdrive to get an idea of the raw synth sound but by adjusting the pre-filter mixer levels, it's perfectly possible to get tamer sounds.

By the way, I recently started implementing oscillator sync, I didn't demo it yet because I think I can improve the way it sounds (there's a bit of aliasing on the upper range right now).