Saturday, 2 May 2015

New P600fw alpha (may 2)

Notable changes:
- Sequencer is now polyphonic, it works by pressing more than one key at once on a step, once all keys are unpressed, you can enter a new chord / note. Compatibility with sequences from previous alphas is lost.
- In the sequencer, the "2" key is now used for both rest and tie. It adds a rest when no note is pressed and a tie when a note is pressed.
- Implementation of MIDI tuning Standard.
- Possibility to change per note tuning. Pressing FROM TAPE + TUNE enters a mode where the last pressed note tuning can be edited using the modwheel. Pressing FROM TAPE + TUNE again exits this mode. Tuning is stored per patch and affects each octave the same.
- Pressing FROM TAPE twice quickly now enters a mode where seq/arp transposition can be made by pressing the corresponding note alone. Pressing FROM TAPE again exits this mode.
- FROM TAPE + keypad number options now show their value on first press. One time actions such as reverting to basic patch now require 2 presses.
- LFO to VCA modulation ("AB-VCA" option of the "LFO TGT" parameter, by pressing "1" twice).
- Adding SYSEX format documentation ( )
- Adding SYSEX patch dump request command.
- Many changes to seq/arp clock management.
- Sequencer now responding properly do MIDI stop.
- Many bug fixes.

Thanks go to Ricard Wanderlof and Seth Nickell for many of these changes.

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