Saturday, 2 May 2015

New P600fw alpha (may 2)

Notable changes:
- Sequencer is now polyphonic, it works by pressing more than one key at once on a step, once all keys are unpressed, you can enter a new chord / note. Compatibility with sequences from previous alphas is lost.
- In the sequencer, the "2" key is now used for both rest and tie. It adds a rest when no note is pressed and a tie when a note is pressed.
- Implementation of MIDI tuning Standard.
- Possibility to change per note tuning. Pressing FROM TAPE + TUNE enters a mode where the last pressed note tuning can be edited using the modwheel. Pressing FROM TAPE + TUNE again exits this mode. Tuning is stored per patch and affects each octave the same.
- Pressing FROM TAPE twice quickly now enters a mode where seq/arp transposition can be made by pressing the corresponding note alone. Pressing FROM TAPE again exits this mode.
- FROM TAPE + keypad number options now show their value on first press. One time actions such as reverting to basic patch now require 2 presses.
- LFO to VCA modulation ("AB-VCA" option of the "LFO TGT" parameter, by pressing "1" twice).
- Adding SYSEX format documentation ( )
- Adding SYSEX patch dump request command.
- Many changes to seq/arp clock management.
- Sequencer now responding properly do MIDI stop.
- Many bug fixes.

Thanks go to Ricard Wanderlof and Seth Nickell for many of these changes.

Download links:


  1. Hi, can you use the sequencer as a master clock? Does it send a clock message?
    thank you for this amazing upgrade!

    1. Hello, it can be slaved to a MIDI clock but doesn't send one.

  2. And is it possible to add the feature of saving a (two) sequence(s) within every patch?

    1. It may be technically possible to save one, and I'm not even sure, but definitely not two.

    2. Actualy, it would be a nice feature to have SEQ1 dedicated to a patch and SEQ2 a free sequence. Then you can switch between programs when using SEQ2 and switch between sequences and patches when using SEQ1. Just thinking out loud here :)

  3. Hi Fabrice. The Syx file works but not the Hex. Can you try again please? thanks

    1. Hello, you mean the link? it seems fine for me. Did you use right-click save as to get it?

  4. Hi,

    The sysex gives an error , but the update is transferred correctly and working ...

  5. Hi Fabrice! I'm having a problem with midi cc 64. It seems to be used for controlling both the sustain pedal and Amp EG Fast/Slow. Do these functions need to be sent on different channels?

    This is the cc map I'm using:

    Thanks for all your hard work! Your upgrade has made this one of my favorite synths!

  6. Hi Fabrice, I've flashed the teensy and getting ready to install into the P600, but I would like to re-load the factory patches. At what point can I do this? before installing the Teensy or after? and is there a procedure somewhere? thank you again for all your amazing work.

  7. Hi Fabrice,
    First of all, thanks for your amazing work on the Prophet 600!
    I recently upgraded my own P600 and made a donation to support the project ; )
    I downloaded the latest Alpha, it works great!
    For what it’s worth, here’s my experience and/or suggestions to make it even better:
    The new polyphonic sequencer is great, and I like the fact that both sequences work either on their own or together at the same time. That way, you can lay down a bass line, then put a lead on top of it, then change the bassline again etc. It is also useful for polyrhythms, of course. Furthermore, the fact that the sequences work simultaneously with the arpeggiator is a very peculiar feature (I don’t know if that was done on purpose!). Actually, you can have two sequences running plus an arpeggio sequence, while still being able to transpose them all at the same time!
    However, IMHO, that kind of step sequencer is only useful if you have the ability to store sequences per patch. That way it would be extremely useful!
    Otherwise, it would be better to have the standard non-quantized P600 sequencer (actually, a sort of MIDI looper!), which was way more useful to record on the fly and then improvise on top of it, with the exact timing you entered while playing (long pads recorded in real time without the need to enter ties or rests etc.)
    So, here’s a couple of suggestions:
    - Include the possibility to use either the new Sequencer/Arpeggiator OR the old one, maybe with a global option (maintaining the ability to transpose, possibly!)
    - As for transpose (which is great), it would be nice to enable/disable it with the footswitch. That way you could actually enter a complex sequence -> then improvise on top of it -> press/depress the footswitch for one second and change the root note -> improvise again over it, while keeping both your hands free to play!
    I don’t know if this is feasible, it sounds like “minor” changes to me, but I am no coder, so I have no idea of what I’m asking.
    Thanks again for your efforts!!
    Cheers from Italy

  8. I just installed the teensy cpu in my prophet 600, amazing improvements. Thank you for your great work. the only thing I miss is the ability to save a single patch via sys ex midi out using the record button + program select #2. That came in handy when building a customized set of patches. The ability to dump all patches is awesome, what a time saver, but it'd be nice to have the ability to ALSO save just single patches. Any possibility of adding this feature in a future update?