Sunday, 19 July 2015

P600fw 2.10 first release candidate

Only one small bug with the "free" osc frequency mode mas fixed since last alpha.

As usual the manual needs an update, and this time I won't be doing it so if anyone wants to work on it, please contact me!

Also, please report any problem you could find.

Download links:


  1. what do you need for the manual?

    1. It needs to reflect changes that were made to the firmware since stable 2.0.
      Alphas release notes and github log should help for this, I can help too.

    2. salut Fabrice. I'm happy to help. email me on

  2. Fabrice, I'm confused with all the same firmware names, every revision is named the same p600firmware.hex / syx. The link shows it but once you save it, they all appear the same. The last manual download 2.0 on step #4 says to flash the teensy with p600firmware hex...was it supposed to say p600firmware_stable_2.0 instead?? I'm not sure which one I've flashed it with, its 134kb
    should I re-flash it or leave it? Maybe consider adding the rev# to the name because anyone can grab any p600firmware.hex and think its the latest.. just my thoughts...

  3. I can't find your contact info anywhere fabrice! I'd love to talk to you about collaborating on a project --thanks