Sunday, 25 May 2014

P600fw 2.00 first release candidate

I made only one small change to the firmware since yesterday's alpha but this is the first release candidate for 2.00. That means if no major bug is reported in that release, 2.00 is out.

I finally took the time to update the manual myself, so it's also included for review.

Please report any problem you could find.

Download links at:

Edit: 2.00 stable is out! Check out 


  1. Hello GliGli, I installed the 2.00 on my teensy and I was really enthusiastic about your work and new Pro600 sound but I had a problem on oscA voice 6: it goes out of scaling after C5 (real note, not by keyboard).
    So I reinstalled the Z80 and checked it was everything ok and so it was, then I reinstalled again the teensy and I ran the scaling routine you can find in the original Tech Manual by SCI but it seems it doesn't work with teensy and new firmware. Is there a way to fix it?
    I don't know if I've been clear with this issue, maybe we could get in touch by mail and I can send you a small video of the problem. My mail:

    Thank you in advance for giving this old synths a new life,
    Best regards,


  2. Hello again, I checked your last update (New P600fw alpha (august 28)) but I still have the problem wit the A6 osc :(
    Even only for you to know. Thanks!


    1. Just saw these messages, I think the first thing to do would be the scaling procedure, but with the Z80. It would be the same with the teensy if I had rewritten it anyway.