Sunday, 8 February 2015

New P600fw alpha (febuary 8)

I think I'm getting close to a 2.1 release, if any tester has issues with its P600 with the latest alphas, it would be a good time to report them, thanks!

Notable changes:
- Adding a workaround for the abrupt way the VCA envelope release stage ends, please report if you get any strange behavior with this fix.
- Arpeggiator hold fixes.
- Arpeggiator and sequencer now restart on first note when receiving a MIDI start message.
- A sequence can now be cleared by pressing 0 while recording it.
- Working unison track through MIDI.
- Misc. optimisations.

Download links:


  1. Please make a Bankhold command for the P600. Your upgrade is fantastic, thank you very much.

  2. hi....amazing upgrade...thanks for your work.

    With this latest update iam getting a lot of hanging notes...some so bad i have to power off to stop.

    Also is there a way for the arp to respond to incoming midi notes? this is a major one for me.

    Will donate soon when a bit more flush


    1. Hi, did the hanging notes started to happen with this particular alpha (ie did the previous one have them?)

  3., they just started with this update. They've calmed down a bit now but still happen now and again....normally with chords etc.
    At the moment i can only use the arpeggiator from the synth itself..(i.e. midi chords just play chords etc) .is this normal?


    1. Ok, I made this new alpha:
      It may fix that hanging notes problem!

      Yeah, the arp only works from the synth itself, that way you can play eg. a bass on a master keyboard connected to the P600 and arps at the same time.