Saturday, 24 January 2015

New P600fw alpha (january 24)

Notable changes:
- Fixed various bugs / github issues.
- Major changes to the sequencer (mostly suggested by ricard):
        - Pressing SEQx immediately starts playing the respective sequence. Pressing it (them) again stops it.
        - To record, first press RECORD, then SEQx. This is analogous to saving a patch, where you press RECORD, then the patch number on the numeric keys.
        - In record mode, use the numeric keypad 1,2 and 3 keys to do back/tie/rest.
        - Sequencer waits for input before playing when FROM TAPE + SEQx is pressed.
- Adding scaling adjustment mode:
        - Enabled by powering the synth with "TP301 SCALE" shorted.
        - Will alternatively display the current oscillator/filter (A1..A6,B1..B6,F1..F6) and a value that needs to be made close or equal to zero by tweaking the corresponding adjustable.
        - Press 1 to go to next oscillator/filter, press 2 to go the previous one.
        - When done, turn off the synth and unshort TP301, next start will be in normal mode.

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