Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Matrix 1000 ROM only upgrade v116

It seems like my CPU upgrade for the Matrix 1000 doesn't work quite right except on my own hardware, plus it may have a design flaw so I decided to work on a ROM only upgrade until I can get something that works fine everywhere.

So you just have to burn that file on whatever 27C256 32KB EPROM flavor you have, plug it into the Matrix 1000 U804 ROM socket in place of the old one and all should be working fine, hopefully.

Here are the changes it brings:
- Bug fixes made by Nordcore.
- MIDI NRPN parameters editing fix.
- Faster processing of parameter changes that need a modulation matrix rebuild, there's still a small lag but it's much better than before.
- Unison detune, controlled by MIDI CC #94 (Celeste Level), value from 0 (no detune) to 127 (strongly out of tune). It is always active, even in poly mode. Values around 2-6 add a slow VCO-like detune that helps liven up the sound and keeps poly mode sounding in tune.

Keep in mind it's still an alpha version, but there's a much better chance it works everywhere the same, ie. fine as far as I know.

Edit: This version has now been tested on many M1000s, so I think it can be considered stable and production quality.

Download link:


  1. Bonjour,

    I tried to hack my matrix1000 but unsuccessfully. The installation seems to be ok as it starts up properly. The problem comes when I play some random midi notes, it always stuck at the 3rd note and unstuck only if I restart the sound. I tried every available firmware edition (123, 124, 116, 113) but still no response. Any idea about what possible is happening?

    Thank you

  2. i want to help. gonna get that rom are doing amazing work (as a p600 and m1000 owner)...thnak you so much

  3. It´s still an alpha? It me ans you tonna try to rework it?

    Many thanks

  4. Worked very well for me , many thanks.

  5. First thanks a lot for this! How exactly does NRPN editing works? What editor would you recommend with this update? I'm using matrix 2001

  6. Greetings!
    I have just opened up my home studio recently, after being on a long hiatus.
    I have various gear including: OB-8, SEM, Xpander and 2 Matrix 1000's.

    I have been reading about your updates to v 116 for the Matrix 1000.
    I am not tech minded to burn my own chips for this update and was wondering if you could do these for me and send them to me. I am in the US, state of Wisconsin.
    Of course I would pay for these updates for BOTH of my Matrix'.

    Please let me know if you can do this or ???

    Thank you.


  7. holy syth batman! this is completely friggin awesome x 10000! loving the unison detune!!! more than i thought i would or was possible to like something like this! i cant even form a complete sentence until just now!!! (well, ok almost) im buying another matrix 1000 just to run your os! amazing work! where can i donate??? seriously, this deserves praise. my trix dont sputter no mo!

  8. Please please please any possibility for the matrix 6?