Wednesday, 8 October 2014

New P600fw alpha (october 7)

Notable changes:
- Fix DAC issues from last build.
- Fix sysex MIDI dumps issues from last build.
- Major pots refresh rate improvement.

Download links:


  1. This ones great as far tuning goes for me.

    Been looking at arp clock sync via Tape In today.
    Seems that shorting the tape in connection starts the arp, but it won't respond to Din Sync, or other pulse clocks.

    Any ideas/help appreciated.

    1. Ok that's good news!

      It should respond to a 0v-5v or more pulse clock I think, just make sure the clock ratio isn't too high (turn the speed knob clockwise).

  2. Yes - I tried a 0-5V clock source, DIN sync clock and the output of an square wave LFO - from very slow to fast.
    I'll experiment further - might be something weird with my P600?

  3. This new alpha solved my tuning and scaling issue on osc A6! Really well done!! Thank you!