Tuesday, 30 September 2014

New P600fw alpha (september 30)

Notable changes:
- Allow MIDI notes < 24, to be able to go lower than the P600 keyboard through MIDI.
- Fixed tuning issues on some P600s that were caused by a side effect of august 28 tuning fix.
- Velocity from the internal keyboard now set at 64, so that it sounds closer to a velocity sensitive MIDI keyboard. Also, this way the "amp velocity" parameter can be used to adjust VCA strength when played from the internal keyboard.
- Support for a sustain pedal, either through MIDI or plugged in the P600 footswitch jack.
- Assigner fixes.
- Slightly less abrupt VCA envelope release end while in exponential mode, still not perfect due to how the VCA behaves when nearly fully closed.

Many of these fixes where made by Ricard Wanderlof, thanks to him for the time he spends improving this project!

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  1. Hi. Great work.

    I'm having tuning problems on all recent (post RC 2.0) updates.
    This seems to be a per voice issue. The tuning varies (within a sub semi-tone range) with each key press. There is a sequence to the tuning deviation that repeats every 6 notes.

    Both Osc A and B exhibit this issue. Their relative thing is also out.

    Backdating to 2.0 solves it for me.

    Cheers - Bruce.

    1. Hmm, in recent alphas, the P600 cycles through voices on each new keypress, that may be why you get that cycle of 6 notes.
      If the bias for each new note is small, it may just be normal VCO drift.
      In any case, maybe try to tune the P600 only when it's fully warmed up, that way it should be more precise.

    2. Yes - initially I thought the newer voice cycling might be the culprit in terms of highlighting the problem, but the issue is easily noticeable even when playing chords as eel - they are out of tune, rather than 'nicely analogue'.
      The bias appears to be more than normal VCO drift. I tried repeated retuning throughout the day with the same result.
      5 minutes later with the RC2.0 back it was perfect. Strange?

    3. Stable 2.0 also had the tuning issue?

  2. No - stable 2.0 was fine.

    I've delved a little deeper today.
    2.0 was fine - in tune, and tuning routine worked perfectly.
    Sept 30th Alpha - in tune after loading, BUT consistently out of tune AFTER pressing Tune button.

    So it looks like it is something weird going on with the tuning routine.

    I tried tuning with the Spread option on and off with the same result.

    Hope this helps.

  3. More info -

    14th June Alpha - appears fine when Tune is pressed.
    28th August Alpha - same problem as all later Alpha's as discussed above.

    1. Hi, you should try today's alpha (october 5), I added a possible fix for your problem.

  4. Perfect! alpha oct 5 fixes the problem.

  5. afraid there are still issues, but only after the synth warms-up!
    I'll post update in Oct 5th alpha section