Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Arturia BeatStep Pro to Yamaha CS-10 CV Trigger

A while ago, I made this cable to drive my Yamaha CS-10 CV Trigger using my Arturia BeatStep Pro.
It's a bit unusually made and takes advantage of the way the Yamaha CS line of synths do "Trigger out" but it's easy to make and works just fine!

PotatoCad schematics folllows :)


NB: I recently found something nice about this cable: it can also be used to loop the CS-10 audio out back into the filter. Just plug the blue 1/4 inch jack into "external input", the orange one into "output" and the BSP end into your mixer, set "Ext" mode and tweak the corresponding potentiometer to taste :)


  1. Hello
    Does it convert regular S-trig signal sent from the BSP into negative trigger (which the CS 10 expect) ?

  2. Basically it uses negative voltage coming from the "trig out" jack thru a resistor to pull down the trigger when the BSP does not assert it, so yeah I guess it does what you think!

  3. Wonderful ! Thank you, Gligli !

  4. By the way, to be sure : do you have the BSP gate out set as "S-Trig" ?

  5. Can you give me some advise how to build this cable? How do you get the 3.9k portion of the cable?Sorry, I'm not really noledgable about this. Thanks,

  6. Can you provide a little more insight into how you wired these up onto the jacks themselves? I have a Beatstep Pro that I'd like to use to drive my Yamaha CS-20M.