Sunday, 28 August 2016

Overcycler2 updates

I made several improvements to Overcycler2 since my last posts:

  • Added a new WaveMod for oscillator 1 that can dynamically blend 2 waveforms. The blending ratio can be set manually, with an LFO, or with the filter envelope. In that last case it's paraphonic (due to CPU limitations), that means the blending ratio always follows the last triggered filter envelope.
  • Made the vibrato a fully featured second LFO.
  • Added LFOs to filter resonance routings, this can create really interesting timbres due to the way resonance volume compensation drives the pre-filter mixer.
  • Doubled the synth refresh rate (envelopes, LFOs, ....), now at 4Khz.
  • Added basic support for lower sample count waveforms. That allowed me to use the cool ProphetVS waveforms.
  • Various tweaks & usability improvements.

I also made a video demonstrating some of the user interface of Overcycler2 and then played some new patches:

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