Sunday, 27 September 2015

Overcycler 2 lives!

I finally received my PCB!

Unfortunately I found 2 bugs on the board revision I sent for production but it was too late, so there are a few small straps on it.

Anyway, I soldered all the components, did a bit of debugging and it finally worked, all 6 voices!
It works quite fine actually, better than on breadboard. Eg. the potentiometers ADC captured lots of noise while on breadboard which made adjusting values hard. Here the noise usually doesn't exceed 1 bit.
Overall much less noise on the PCB, which make the VCAs really quiet when closed.

Pic of the board (sorry, cellphone quality):

(The heatsink is temporary, I will use the case itself as a heatsink.)

Now I just need mount the board inside the case, solder the connectors (I have yet to receive them) and the synth will be done :)

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