Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Welcome to my new blog about DIY synthesizers, synthesizer modding, and analog music gear as a whole.

Few years ago, I was more into Xbox 360 hacking, but then I started buying analog synthesizers, composing music with them, and also modding them.

I used to post about it in various forums (, ) but I thought it was time to centralize it in to a blog, to here it is :)

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  1. Hello there GliGli! I recently used your Yamaha RX5 software and card and it is amazing! I can load lots of soundbanks like the linn and 808 and it’s great fun. I’m having trouble making my own compiled waveform banks though. I’ve tried to use wav files to load up but they go crazy and merge into each other, making strange files with 3 sounds on each one. Do you know how or why this is, and how to stop it? Thanks! Ross