Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Changes since P600fw beta 1.0 (Alpha versions)

(July 17)

I added/changed the following things in my dev version since beta1 :

- Remade the assigner, closer to the Z80, with unison track, and priority modes that work in poly.
- Remade the user interface, there's now 2 parameters per keypad digit, one press or two, it displays a short message to ID the parameter, and you change its value using the "Speed" pot.
- Besides LFO, there's now an independant Vibrato, modwheel can be assigned to any one of those, and an automatic delay handles the other one.
- LFO can be assigned to osc A or B only.
- Unison detune.
- Speed pots now have a more progressive course.

(September 15)

I worked a bit on p600fw today, here's what I changed:

- Properly fixed envelopes attack snappiness, it goes down to 2 milliseconds on my P600, and on a friend's P600 with a new set of CD4051 (DAC sample and hold), it approaches the theoretical 500 microseconds :) (this should also fix tiny portamento glitches on envelopes start).
- Probably fixed "hot" tuning issues (I never had it, but I found a plausable explanation).
- Changed the way modulation delay works, it's nicer now (it restarts as soon as no key is pressed).
- Added "octave" pitch mode.
- Improved overall speed.
- Fixed various UI bugs.
- Changed MIDI base note (C2 now).

You can find it at: Index of /zik/p600/dev/2013-09-15

It's still an alpha version, but it's probably better than the last one.

(How to upgrade)

Yes this sysex is a firmware upgrade, but they are done in a special mode (cause main code can't overwrite itself), here's how you apply them:
Press both "from tape" & "to tape" buttons then turn on the 600, it should display "U".
Then send it the sysex, the display will show a spinning thing and end with "S" or "E", depending on success or error.
In case of error, you have to reboot and upload the sysex again until it succeeds.

If you use MidiOx, use this configuration:
(200 milliseconds might not be enough for some USB-MIDI interfaces tho, try increasing it if you always get 'E')

Still, keep in mind development versions are work in progress, they could thrash your patches, be buggy, or worse: work ;)


  1. Hi Gligli.. thanks again for the update... do you have an documentation? the "from tape" is now gone after loading new alpha. even a short summary would be great... thanks again...

    1. Hello, look at this post: